Family Law Attorneys

Hiring a Family Law Attorney



Family Law Attorneys are often times mistaken as divorce lawyers because they mostly handle cases about marital disputes. Family law is one of the larger subjects in legal practice. It includes domestic matters that are relevant to family obligations and disputes. In the event that both partners wish to end their union, there are two options to consider. Divorce is the most considered option, that legally ends a marriage. Yet when the court can prove that a marriage is not legally binding, the court may bequest annulment. Annulment, a legal decree, which means the marriage did not happen at all, like bigamy, fraud, or coercion.


In the event that one parent maintains primary custody of a child or the children, the other parent may be ordered by the court to financial support the children. It will only cover the expenses for food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental care and, educational expenses for the children. However if it is funded with other means the custodial parent may alert the court. Alimony or spousal support, due to the fact that the supporting spouse is financially independent the court often request to pay certain percentage from their monthly income regularly for the dependent spouse as alimony until he/she gains financial independence or remarried.


With regards to child visitation, the court can base their decision according to the best interests of the children involved. Once the custody has been settled, the ex-spouses can negotiate visitation rights. This is where experienced divorce attorney charlotte nc will be invaluable for this lengthy process, so long as both parties are in agreement a court order will not be required. A Matrimonial law is not set in stone, so the court usually encourages both parties to come to an agreement than making a firm decision. Most likely during negotiation a spouse that does not have a legal representative will be in a precarious situation especially about child custody and other crucial issues.


Due to the fact that family law cases involve dealing with marriages and children, the client should be familiar with the lawyer. Select a lawyer that specializes in family law that knows the "in and outs" of the law in this area and is updated with the latest law and regulations. A client can inquire the number of many cases a lawyer is currently handling and if the attorney can focus their attention on the case. If not seek another lawyer that can provide 100 percent of their attention to the case. To select an appropriate lawyer, select one that focuses on settling the case in a short time frame not by dragging the case longer than necessary. It is important to ask about their fee in details and it should be in writing and provide details as to the representation the charlotte divorce attorney will provide. Such as hourly rate, invoices, other billable rates and to keep the minimum fees possible.